Posted by: johnholdridge | March 12, 2014

Get Ready to Teach!

Creative Literacy is scheduled to meet August 18-22, 2014 on the Portland Campus of USM. As always we’ll be spending time with an anchor text and using multiple art forms to deepen and demonstrate understanding of the core text and to express thoughts, ideas and connections from our own lives. Workshops will include visual art making, creative writing and performance and believe it or not we’ll identify common core and local standards that can be met using these teaching and learning techniques. If you’re looking to be inspired, to inspire others and to imagine creative possibilities for your classroom then please join our band of like minded colleagues. Past teachers/students have included those who teach elementary grade levels as well as middle and upper school science,social studies, ELL, ELA, art, and drama. This course is not geared to any particular grade level or content area with the understanding that creative teaching and learning is universal and ¬†that good teachers can always modify particular concepts and activities to meet their students’ needs. Hope to see you this summer at USM!



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